Wikifavelas - Dictionary of shanty town Marielle Franco: a model of Wiki systematization in the organization and representation of information (article)

Por equipe do Dicionário de Favelas Marielle Franco
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Autores: Thiago Ferreira Oliveira, Amanda Mendes Silva, Mariana Macedo e Fernanda Carolina Pegoraro Novaes.

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Wikis systems are platforms that aim to facilitate access to information quickly and with well-structured aspects, thus, an analysis of the bibliographic and conceptual elements from the perspective of the Organization, Information and Knowledge Representation is necessary. The Marielle Franco Slum Dictionary - Wikifavelas, is a virtual and collaborative platform, created for the transmission, preservation and production of information, documents representing knowledge about the peripheries and slums of Brazil. It is noted that Information Science as well as Librarianship can effectively contribute to improving recovery, preservation and elaboration of methods that facilitate this system. Parameterization with the Knowledge Organization (OC) and the Knowledge Organization Systems contribute to a fruitful direction on the subject addressed.

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