Black Fair

De Dicionário de Favelas Marielle Franco
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Review: Marlon Coutinho da Silva e Milena Pires

Feira Preta (in English Black Fair) - the largest festival of black culture in Latin America was created in 2002 as a fair of products from black entrepreneurs. Today it is a great event that presents content, products, and services that showcase what is the most inventive and innovative in black creativity in different segments from entrepreneurship, to technology, to literature, from music to digital arts, going also through the panels bringing up what is the most urgent and futuristic in the reflections on black existence. With a program that takes place in different parts of the city of São Paulo, featuring national and international attractions, the Feira Preta Festival is covered by the mainstream media in November, when is celebrated Black Awareness Day.

Feira Preta, a project idealized by the paulistana Adriana Barbosa, first took place at Benedito Calixto Square as a clothing exchange booth set up by her. On its last edition (2019) it hosted 40 thousand people at Memorial da América Latina where there were 50 attractions in two days, more than 300 jobs created during the entire process what lead to more than R$1.5 million flow.

The Fair has a beautiful history. Important Brazilians singers have already joined the event, such as Emicida, Drik Barbosa, Mrs. Ivone Lara, Preta Rara, Elza Soares, Mano Brown, Paula Lima and Fundo de Quintal... The curatorship always looks into the 'classic' hits, which don’t go out of fashion, and also into ‘pop’ that is all over the radio. Besides the musical presentations, it counts with theatrical events, lectures, talks, workshops… Embracing all tastes and ages.

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