The challenge of decolonizing knowledge: the Marielle Franco Favela Dictionary

Por equipe do Dicionário de Favelas Marielle Franco
Authors: Sonia Fleury –Fiocruz-RJ; Clara Polycarpo – UERJ-RJ; Marcelo Fornazin – Fiocruz-RJ; Palloma Menezes – UFF-RJ.
Originally posted on: Salud Coletiva.

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Dominant social groups describe favelas based on negative stereotypes, which are increasingly being challenged by various collective actors. Originating from a collaborative effort carried out by academics and favela residents, the Marielle Franco Favela Dictionary is an online platform that aims to spread alternative narratives regarding these territories and their populations through collective knowledge building. This article discusses the common ground and points of contention regarding the different forms of knowledge held by academics, activists, and favela residents. Furthermore, we reconstruct the trajectory of the Dictionary’s creation, and in so doing overcome certain tensions and incorporate other languages and registers able to support the production of memory in favelas

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